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     Our way of Working SEM/PPC

    • Writing advertising sale oriented texts, in the different languages that the client may need.
    • Advertising extension generation by location, call, product links, promotion, leads, site and social texts if needed be to improve the advertisement online presence.  
    • Segmentation by geographical areas, age, gender or interests of interest according to objectives. Intensive and continuous work in generating and applying advanced audiences. Selection of lists for remaking.
    • Optimisation and constant updating of keywords aiming to maximise the profitability of the strategy betting on longtail and segmenting the structure to facilitate the analysis of each term.
    • Strategy and development of advanced remarketing campaigns across all channels. Audience optimisation, remarketing lists and bid increments.
    • Design and implementation of specific campaigns for mobile/tablets and special events (Black Friday) adapting the copies and titles to that end.
    • Generation of HTML code to measure conversions. Data tracking according to fixed attribution model. Purchase tests to check the measurement.
    • Optimisation and daily monitoring of campaigns aimed at reducing the cost per click, improving the ROI while maintaining the expected sales volume.

    What campaigns do we work on Google Ads?



    Search advertising  

    Text advertising on Google with extensions that allow you to attract more calls, leads or sales on your website.


    Google Shopping

    Product buyer campaign where the advertiser can determine the price of the product, shipping, title, description and the photo.


    Display advertising 

     Advertising in image or video format, whether in standard format for mobile or computer or adaptable.


    Video campaign 

    Attract your target audience to your website from YouTube with video advertising. 



    Make an impact on your target audience to get higher profitability with advanced remarketing strategies. 

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